Fresh leaks

Fresh leaks in the liquidation of my impulses
Lauren Burrow  &  Tristen Harwood
A gift dissolves in the act of giving like a drop in water. Corruption is an elaborate trick that cannot be seen, occuring again, and again. To poison the well, to contaminate is both action and inaction - a government that refuses to provide potable water. Access to water is an unfair bet - like buying a lottery ticket - it occurs through the purchase of bottled water.
A successful lottery system is random - incomprehensibility is an assurance of fairness. The purchase of a lottery ticket is neither denial nor admission, it is the dream to know an incomprehensible language without understanding it. Signs appear in its surface, printed with discrete, meaningless/meaningful digits.
Humans are attracted to shiny things because of an innate need for fresh (flowing) water, making possible a moment where every diamante, silver bow, or glossed surface can become a dry fountain continually pouring out shine. A dry fountain allures, while obscuring how the desire for public drinking has been chartered into unofficial privatisation by corporations that sell bottled water.
The loss of an index for how to act. Sight cannot be trusted as a gauge of purity. In a state of distrust, to drink water is to suspend disbelief, easily exchangeable via a monetary transaction. The impulse to trust is a desire for a fissure within the existing symbolic system.
Fresh leaks in the liquidation of my impulses will occupy advertising cabinets in Pino Suarez - Zocalo Metro underpass for one week. 22 - 29 April 2018
Jose Maria Pino Suarez 30
Centro Historico, Centro 06000
Ciudad de Mexixo, CDMX

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